Signs have a way of transforming places and things. They turn buildings into headquarters, corridors into promenades, offramps into destinations, ideas into reality. They tell us when we’ve arrived and where to go next. 

That’s our business. Since 1964, Coast Sign has engineered placemaking, identity and discovery on behalf of companies across all major industries. Through a mission founded in providing quality products, services, and customer service, we’ve evolved to become a trusted industry leader and partner to the world’s biggest brands. Our industry-recognized success is a product of strong partners, supplier relationships and a firm commitment to innovative, sustainable practices. 

We offer full-service nationwide signage solutions in a broad range of industries, custom-fit to each client’s needs and specifications.


  • Exterior & Interior Signage
  • ATM Surrounds & Kiosks
  • Directional & Wayfinding   
  • Menu & Message Boards
  • Awnings & Canopies
  • Lighting & Electrical 
  • Architectural Elements
  • Door Vinyl


  • Retail & Entertainment
  • Healthcare
  • High Rise
  • Rebrand & Conversion
  • Financial
  • High Rise
  • Hospitality
  • Restaurants
  • Automotive



Coast Sign is a certified Women Business Enterprise with the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), a champion of corporate supplier diversity programs.

As Coast Sign continues to grow, so does an emphasis on embedding supplier diversity procurement practices throughout company operations. We are committed to integrating both Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers and providing equal opportunities to minorities through every aspect of our organization, including building relationships with Diverse Owned Businesses. We’re always looking to align with partners and suppliers that share our principles on diversity in the workplace across all industries, countries, and territories that we operate within – and beyond.


Entrust Coast Sign to be a dedicated partner in reducing our impact on the environment. Our integrated approach delivers products and services with minimal environmental impact, and our processes help clients cut energy consumption and carefully manage the proper storage and disposal of materials.

Aligned for Sustainability

Aligned for Sustainability

We use low VOC paints, primers, solvents and glues in our practices. We replace hazardous materials, such as methylene chloride, with chemicals that are safe for employees and the environment. Our organization has virtually eliminated water pollution in our industrial practices. We help our clients cut energy consumption and carefully manage the proper storage and disposal of hazardous materials.



Our partnership with a national government regulatory compliance firm ensures that our policies and operations meet the requirements of federal and state regulatory authorities, and certify compliance with environmental, health, and safety laws and standards. It is our goal to maximize opportunities to protect the health and wellbeing of our employees and the community.



As part of our industrial and consumable recycling program, we are always improving upon our environmental practices, waste storage and recycling. We average 98% industrial scrap recycling at our plants. Consumables including cardboard, paper, glass and aluminum, are part of the company-wide recycling policy. We continually strive for zero waste to landfills. We are committed to optimize energy consumption in our products.

Case Study : Metro

Large Scale Rebrand

Delivering a nationwide rebranding initiative for Metro by T-Mobile

Case Study : AT&T

Planning and Implementing a Comprehensive Sign Package

Coast sign is proud to be on the long lasting incumbent, preferred vendors for AT&T



from Trusted Clients

Career Opportunities

Coast Sign provides high-quality, impactful branding solutions through a dedicated and passionate team. Join our company and connect with a value-driven, forward-thinking culture that celebrates success and works with the biggest brands in the world.

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