CoastCare™ National Maintenance
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Preventative & On-Call: Exterior & Interior Signage | Parking & Security Lighting | LED Retrofits | Scheduling | Pathfinder Web-based Tracking & Reporting | Administration | Inspection | Cleaning | Repair | Lamp Replacement | Scraping | Grouting | Painting | Base Plate & Anchor Bolt Maintenance | Underground & Non-standard Work | Scheduled Preventative Maintenance Programs | On-call Rapid Response Time

Your Facility Manager is faced with hundreds of maintenance problems. Every day. 24/7. Why not give them ONE toll-free number to call for any and all signage or lighting problem? A trained Project Manager is there to manage your signage or lighting issue efficiently and quickly. We operate our CoastCare™ national maintenance centers in Anaheim, CA and Knoxville, TN.

Coast Sign has the most complete and dedicated vendor network in the industry, featuring thousands of authorized and trained subcontractors that prefer to work for Coast. Our Field Support Team monitors their qualifications, training, and performance.

Cost Control is what every company manager is faced with today. Both on-call and preventative maintenance programs can be tailored to meet your facility needs. We retrofit Neon and Fluorescent signs with energy-efficient LED solutions as a cost-effective alternative to replacing older signs. We always get the job done on time, to your satisfaction. Your Brand image is carefully protected and maintained.